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See how CompuMark performed in a head-to-head trademark search challenge with Corsearch.
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Save time and money by assessing the viability of proposed trademarks early in the process with online “knockout” screening of the largest collection of trademark information.

Get the comprehensive information you need to assess the availability of your proposed trademark for use and registration in the U.S. across a broad range of sources.

Safeguard your valuable brands and domain names from potential infringement with expert global watching services and solutions.

Diverse Databases. Global Coverage.

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Industrial Databases
Company Name Databases
Pharma In-Use Databases

The Lifecycle of Innovation
Watch this video to see how Clarivate Analytics turns bold ideas into life-changing solutions.


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Grudge Match: CompuMark vs. Corsearch

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2018 Trademark Ecosystem

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Press Releases

CompuMark and Chinese trademark solutions provider White Rabbit / Bai Tu announce strategic partnership

Boston, MA, May 21, 2018: CompuMark, the industry leader in trademark research and protection solutions and White Rabbit (www.cha-tm.com), [...]

China on course to overtake USA as world’s leading source of foreign trademark applications by 2020

Number of US trademark applications made by Chinese brands has increased by 800% since 2014 Boston, MA, May [...]

Three-quarters of brands experienced trademark infringement in past year

Four in 10 companies report trademark infringement has increased BOSTON, MA: January 18, 2018 – CompuMark, the industry [...]

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