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CompuMark provides the industry’s broadest range of trademark research and brand protection solutions. We enable trademark and brand professionals worldwide to launch, expand and protect strong brands through unmatched global content, expert analysis and tools, and best-in-class service.

CompuMark solutions provide critical insight at key phases of the trademark lifecycle:


Creation is the initial stage when a trademark, name, symbol or other device identifying your product or service is developed for use in the marketplace.


Once your list of potential trademarks has been created, the next step is to narrow the list.


Trademarks surviving the screening process are now ready for more exhaustive research. Typically, a comprehensive search is conducted by a company specializing in trademark research.


Trademark investigations are conducted to locate additional information on potentially conflicting trademarks cited in your research report.


It’s the job of an experienced attorney, using comprehensive trademark research reports and other related research, to render an opinion regarding the availability of your trademark for use and registration.


This stage entails filing an application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for federal registration.


This stage is ongoing, and its purpose is to protect, maintain and enhance the value of your trademark.


With proper maintenance, trademark rights can last forever—unlike copyright and patent rights. However, rights are contingent upon continued use of the trademark and the filing of section 8 affidavits and renewals.

Commercial Exploitation

Once your trademark is well known, steps can be taken to capitalize on its popularity. A common avenue is through licensing programs.