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Image Recognition: Tackling the Challenge of Searching Design Trademarks

Overview Searching design trademarks is crucial for mitigating the risk of infringement. But traditional design coding systems used for searching image marks are complex, subjective and error-prone. Ground-breaking image recognition technology is transforming the process of searching design marks. Details In this white paper, [...]

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Artificial Intelligence, Human Expertise

How Technology and Trademark Experts Work Together to Meet Today’s IP Challenges Overview Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming a range of industries, including trademark law. However, meeting the complex challenges facing IP professionals requires both advanced technology and the knowledge of [...]

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#Hashtag Trademark Applications Rise 64% in Just One Year

It wasn’t too long ago that hashtags didn’t even exist, but since the birth of Twitter they’ve grown to become so much more than a tool to identify messages on a particular topic. They’ve become stand-alone marketing tools, used in adverts and advertising campaigns [...]

Hasbro Smells Opportunity as it Tries to Trademark Play-Doh Scent

Owned by Hasbro since 1991, Play-Doh is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous children’s toy products, and there have been more variations on the products than we could ever attempt to list. But for the first time, sensing an opportunity to further strengthen its [...]

CompuMark Research Finds 80 Percent of C-Level Executives Agree Trademark Infringement is on the Rise

BOSTON, MA: March 28, 2017 – CompuMark, the industry leader for trademark research and protection, today released findings around the impact that trademark infringement has on brands, with eight-in-10 (80 percent) of C-level executives saying it is on the rise. Despite this awareness, the [...]

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