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2019 Trademark Ecosystem

The trademark has evolved. From its origins in the 13th century in France where it was used by bakers to identify their bread to modern day names, smells, motions and colors. Much of this transformation has occurred in the last few decades, driven and [...]

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2018 Trademark Ecosystem

Have you seen these alarming trademark statistics? In a recent independent survey of trademark professionals, 74% said they experienced trademark infringement in the past year—and 1/3 of them had to change their brand names due to infringement. Those are just two startling revelations about [...]

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Chinese Brands Go Global

Overview Following in the footsteps of mainland China’s domestic trademark register, which is the largest in the world, Chinese brands are now appearing on foreign trademark registers in increasingly large numbers. Details CompuMark™ has been tracking the drive from mainland China to build global [...]

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Artificial Intelligence, Human Expertise

How Technology and Trademark Experts Work Together to Meet Today’s IP Challenges Overview Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming a range of industries, including trademark law. However, meeting the complex challenges facing IP professionals requires both advanced technology and the knowledge of [...]

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U.S. Trademark Filing Strategies for Foreign Applicants: How to Avoid Common Mistakes

For brand owners outside the United States, the process of securing trademark rights in the U.S. presents some important differences. Understanding these differences is the key to avoiding costly mistakes by foreign applicants. In this informative article, international intellectual property attorney William E. O’Brien explains [...]

When Free Isn’t Really Free: Five Reasons To Avoid Free Online Trademark Screening Tools

Budget and time pressures are causing some trademark professionals to seek out free alternatives when performing initial “knock-out” screening searches. But when you consider the true cost and risk, these so-called “free” tools aren’t really free at all.

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Six Strategies For Policing Brands In The Information Age

In today’s global, digital marketplace, the risk of trademark infringement that damages brand equity has never been greater. It is essential to have a comprehensive, global strategy for detecting infringement rapidly and acting early to defend trademarks across all channels. In this white paper, [...]


In the span of just a few short years, the term “hashtag” (or more commonly #) has gone from near obscurity to almost universal omnipresence. Thanks to social media, the hashtag has been pushed to the forefront of our lexicon. Once used only by [...]

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