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Global Pharmaceutical Search

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Product Overview

Clearing pharmaceutical brands in key international markets takes global insight. Our exclusive Global Pharmaceutical Search helps you quickly assess the availability of your pharmaceutical trademark across multiple countries in a single search, with one integrated online report.

Product Features

Our Global Pharmaceutical Search combines coverage of key trademark registers and common law sources, in a single report. So you can make decisions with maximum confidence. Industry-leading pharmaceutical coverage includes:

  • Trademark registers for U.S., U.K., Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, Canada, International Register (for WIPO country searches) and European Union Trade Marks (for EU country searches)—choose the registers that match your needs.
  • Pharmaceutical Names In-Use (source: IMS Health)
  • Pharmaceutical-specific Common Law sources
  • Web Common Law sources (includes geo-specific Google results and global pharmaceutical web content)
  • Generic Top-level domain names (gTLDs)

Search results are delivered online, with access to the Analysis Tool on SERION®. See all potential conflicts at a glance with consistent, integrated reporting across key sources. Instantly access additional related information on the Web with the Analysis Tool, simplifying your follow-up research.

You also enjoy all the other timesaving Analysis Tool advantages, including the ability to create and share custom reports in seconds.

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