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TM go365™ is a revolutionary cloud-based, do-it-yourself clearance solution, giving TM professionals the power to do a quick and cost-effectively clearance search on brand assets and further mitigate risk associated with brand ownership.
This solution is perfect for brand assets that require more than a screening search, but may not typically be considered for Full Availability Search due to budget or time restrictions.
Although TM go365™ does not have the extent of a classical Full Availability Search, it adds choice, flexibility, convenience and speed to the clearance workflow.
Join this training class to learn all about our new TM go365™.


Duration: 45 mins
Product: Searching
Level: Beginner
Language: German

Course Details

Topics covered include:

  • How to do a search on TM go365™
  • Access the TM go365™- results via the SERION Inbox
  • How to benefit from your Dashboard (Knockout/Tag Cloud)
  • Go to your report and analyze & export your results


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