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Learn how you can improve efficiency by managing your portfolio and analyzing your watch results and review all the advantages of working with Watch on SERION. This basic course will guide you through the entire process, from ordering to analysis, providing plenty of valuable tips along the way.


Emplacement: Online
Duration: 1 hrs
Product: Watching
Level: Beginner
Langue: English

Course Details

Topics covered include:

  • Navigation
  • Work Overview Calendar
  • Portfolio View
  • Results View
  • Details View
  • Filter and sort
  • Assigning Status(es)
  • Managing Status(es)
  • Requesting Translations
  • Opening in Excel
  • Opening Watch Notices
  • Emailing Watch Notices Updating/Placing Watch Orders
  • Collaborating with Clients or Associates by sharing watch results within SERION
  • An overview of the tools available on Watch on SERION Advanced, including:
    •    Hiding future hits
    •    Retrieving history of hits previously reported
    •    Selecting goods & services for export
    •    Owner and Goods highlighting
    •    Drill down tools including owner and trademark webchecks,
    industry specific sources, and PTO sites
    •    More ways to export your records into custom formats.
  • Preferences
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