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Let our experts navigate the copyright office in person for your copyright document service needs, such as office filings.

U.S. Copyright Portfolio Search

Researching copyrights for a specific author, claimant or company? Receive a detailed listing of all copyright and renewal registrations for which the individual or entity is author and/or claimant and all assignments to which they are a party.

U.S. Copyright Office Document Filing

Hand delivered documents to ensure reliable, prompt and safe arrival of your materials at the U.S. Copyright Office. Saves you valuable time while providing peace of mind.

U.S. Copyright Office Document Retrieval

Save time and effort. Let us facilitate your retrieval of official Copyright Office material including deposit copies and correspondence, as well as certified registrations, renewals, and recorded documents.

U.S. Copyright Document Photocopy

Need photocopies of documents at the U.S. Copyright Office? Let us gather them for you, so you can stay focused on your business. We provide copies of registrations, renewals and transfers of ownership direct from the U.S. Copyright Office, saving you time and effort.