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U.S. Copyright Search

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Identify applications and assignment filings currently pending at the U.S. Copyright Office for a specific work.
Traces the origin and history of a character/franchise and subsequent appearances in animated, literary and other entertainment properties.
Up-to-date information on transfers of rights including licenses, liens and mortgages, as recorded with the U.S. Copyright Office in the name of a given work, individual or company.
Researching copyrights for a specific author, claimant or company? Receive a detailed listing of all copyright and renewal registrations for which the individual or entity is author and/or claimant and all assignments to which they are a party.
Receive up-to-date registration, renewal and in-process information on a work, compiled from U.S. Copyright Office records.

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Product Overview

Determine the copyright status and ownership of entertainment works, including movies, TV programs, books, websites, or musical compositions. Our U.S. Copyright Search provides information on copyright status, assignment history, chain of title, underlying and derivative works, and author biography.

Product Features

The information provided by our U.S. Copyright Search can be crucial for securing financing for a creative project, performing due diligence, satisfying Errors and Omission insurance requirements, and identifying transfers of rights and other recorded documents relating to a specific work.

To help you make the most informed decisions, our U.S. Copyright Search provides in-depth information on a work, including:

  • Publication history
  • Authorship data, including address, death date and information regarding heirs
  • Copyright registrations and renewal status
  • Copyright status and publication history of underlying works
  • Identification of derivative works
  • History of assignments of rights as recorded in the U.S. Copyright Office or entertainment industry publications
  • Licenses and rights information, such as television and video distribution rights, publication or licensed rights
  • Future projects or plans based on the work

To uncover the most relevant information, we search a comprehensive range of sources including:

  • U.S. Copyright records (1870 to present) including registration and renewal data, in-process records and recorded assignment and transfer of ownership information
  • CompuMark’s private reference library and card indices
  • CompuMark’s proprietary databases of entertainment industry reporting since the 1920s
  • Entertainment trade publications
  • Online and CD-ROM entertainment databases
  • Library of Congress records and special collections, such as the National Gallery of Art