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Accurately respond to potential infringements thanks to a full array of expert local watch products.

Applicant Watch

Closely monitor the worldwide trademark activities of your key competitors or track the publication of your own marks.

Colour Watch

Protect your colour mark against infringement in more than 100 countries. Available for Europe and individual countries.

Company Name Watch

Protect your brand or company name for potentially infringing company names.

Trademark Watch

Safeguard your valuable brand from potential infringement with expert, trademark watching for both word and device marks.

Web Watch

Protect your brand from unauthorized use or misuse on the Web. Easily identify instances of potential misuse of your brand, brand identity/derogatory remarks, and unlicensed use.

Domain Name Watch

Protect your trademark or domain name against newly registered domain names that could interfere with yours. We report identical and closely identical domain names, so you can act quickly to protect your online brand. Domain Name Watch is available for ccTLDs (country code top level domains) and/or for gTLDs (generic top-levels domains).