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You can add new-gTLD coverage to gTLD and Premium TLD Domain Name Watches for a more comprehensive coverage of the expanding domain space. The new-gTLDs are automatically included in the Premium TLD + gTLD Typosquatting Watch. View a list of the new gTLDs we cover.

This watch combines our gTLD (including new-gTLD coverage) and ccTLD Domain Name Watches for global, cross-domain coverage with the information you need to assess the brand risks posed by typosquatting (domain name variants with missed and transposed characters, look-alike letters, etc).
This watch combines our gTLD and ccTLD watches for global, cross-domain coverage.

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Protect your trademark or domain name against newly registered domain names that could interfere with yours. We report identical and closely identical domain names, so you can act quickly to protect your online brand. Domain Name Watch is available for ccTLDs (country code top level domains) and/or for gTLDs (generic top-levels domains).