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Is someone using your trademark as a username on social media, potentially impacting the opinion of your brand? Including social media websites in your trademark watching strategy is critically important for protecting your brands from infringement and unauthorized use.

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Product Overview

Protect your brand from unauthorized use or misuse on the Web. Our Web Watch identifies instances of potential misuse of your brand, brand identity/derogatory remarks, and unlicensed use.

Product Features

Our Web Watch helps protect your brand from a range of potential online threats, including:

  • Misuse – Is your brand used generically or descriptively?
  • Brand Identity/derogatory remarks – Is your brand being mentioned in a positive or negative fashion or context?
  • Unlicensed Use – Is there an unlicensed mention or sale of your brand?
  • Confusing similarity – Are there similar brands in the same channel of trade?

To uncover the most relevant results in a vast sea of web content, our Web Watch provides:

  • Customized strategies – We develop a customized strategy to meet your specific needs.
  • Research and selection – Our expert analysts select only the most relevant hits and websites for your brand, saving you time.
  • Clear, concise reports – Monthly reports include word and design marks with screen shots and live links to the identified websites. WHOIS information is provided when available.
  • Powerful online access and analysis of search results using the Analysis Tool on SERION – streamline your workflow with sorting and filtering capabilities, easy custom reporting, and online collaboration.