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The fast, easy, self-service way to clear secondary, seasonal or promotional image marks.

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Simply drag in your image to get started.

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Select databases and classes, and go.

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Get ranked results instantly.


Drag. Drop. Go.

Searching image trademarks is now as simple as drag, drop and go. TM go365™ Image Search uses advanced image recognition technology to identify confusingly similar image marks without complex codes, keywords or queries.

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Complexity Simplified

Searching marks using image codes is complex and error-prone, often delivering thousands of irrelevant results.
TM go365 Image Search matches image for image, using sophisticated recognition technology to zero in on the most similar results instantly. Focus on specific image elements or the entire logo. It even ranks results to speed your review.

Trusted Global Content

Search results are only as good as the data behind them. Our proprietary Image Search data is reviewed and corrected by CompuMark trademark experts to ensure accuracy. Records are indexed and cross-referenced to identify relevant results others might miss—minimizing risk and maximizing confidence. Search the markets that matter with broad coverage of 34 jurisdictions in regions worldwide.

TM go365 Image Recognition

One-of-a-Kind Convenience

With TM go365, you now have the ultimate self-service clearance solution for both words and images. Nothing else offers this combination of power and ease of use. Designed for trademark professionals by trademark professionals, it works the way you work. Get reliable results in seconds, anytime from anywhere. Filter, sort, flag, annotate, and export results rapidly. Share results to collaborate with clients or colleagues and create custom reports in seconds.

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