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There are over 55.3 million active trademarks, according to SAEGIS® on SERION®. Meanwhile, there were nearly 6 million trademark applications in 2015 alone.
The Trademark Ecosystem

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A trademark is often seen as one of a brand’s most valuable assets and as such should be managed and protected. However, in today’s economy when globalization and the expansion of the digital world has opened up new markets and new channels for businesses, this is not always easy.

With that in mind, CompuMark commissioned Opinium, a leading research agency, to conduct a global survey of C-level executives, including CEOs, CTOs, CIOs and CFOs. This report delves into the challenges they face, as well as their outlook on infringement and the trademark management process overall.

You can access these interesting findings here.

80% of C-Level executives agree trademark infringement is on the rise
Only one in five brands actively watch for infringement against their trademarks
Nearly two-thirds (66%) of organizations have plans to launch new marks over the next 12 months
34% of organizations were forced to change one of their brands due to infringement