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TM go365™

Get to know TM go365™, the only online clearance solution that lets you meet the needs of the digital economy by offering high-quality search results in a matter of mintues.


Watch on SERION Advanced

Get to know Watch on SERION Advanced with our short online tutorial. Learn how to use investigative tools to add PTO and industry web content to your watch results, instantly view historical information, easily identify competitors and good of interest and use enhanced reporting functionality.


Trademark Analysis for iPad® Mobile Digital Device

With the free Trademark Analysis App for the Apple iPad you can do search analysis whenever and wherever you want. Find out how this app will make your life much easier.


SERION Online Collaboration for Watch: Business Owner

This tutorial provides detailed information on how to review and collaborate on watch results for the Business Owner.


SERION Online Collaboration for Watch: Associate Network

This tutorial provides detailed information on how to review and collaborate on watch results for the Business Owner’s Network.


SERION Online Collaboration for Search: Associate Network

This tutorial provides detailed information on how to review and collaborate on assignments.


SERION Online Collaboration for Search: Business Owner

This tutorial provides detailed information on how to assign; manage and review assignments from your legal network; and reporting.


 SAEGIS Preferences

Adapt SAEGIS to your way of working. Find out how to change the preferences for SAEGIS on SERION.


Personalized Reports on SAEGIS

Create professional, customized client or company report templates for your SAEGIS screening searches.


 Analyzing Results on SAEGIS

This tutorial provides detailed information on how to view, analyze and export results in the new SAEGIS interface.


Using Boolean and Proximity Operators

In this Recorded Tutorial you will learn about SAEGIS’s Boolean and Proximity Operators: AND, ADJACENT and NEAR. The AND Operator is the default Operator on SAEGIS and will retrieve a broad range of results.  Using the NEAR and ADJACENT Operators will Narrow and Refine your search results to help you quickly get the  search results you need.


Pattern matching on SAEGIS

This tutorial will show you how to use pattern matching to focus your searches better and retrieve more relevant results. Pattern matching is a powerful feature on SAEGIS that lets you look for patterns with vowels, consonants or digits to isolate the most relevant marks thus saving you time and money in reviewing hits.


Price & Order on SERION

Learn how you can use Price & Order on SERION to retrieve and export your search order history, obtain price quotes for possible new searches and place search orders online.


Watch on SERION Mobile 

Short description of how a user can use his smartphone to connect to the new service and process his/her watch results.


SAEGIS on SERION – Autoscreen

Introducing SAEGIS AutoScreen, our intelligent, automated screening solution. SAEGIS AutoScreen allows you to quickly find identical and closely similar trademarks. AutoScreen intelligently defines its search strategy against your trademark and uses a simple, register-based pricing system for quick and convenient targeted screening.


Analysis Tool on SERION – Reviewing your report

During this tutorial, you will be introduced to reviewing and annotating your full search results online with the Analysis Tool on SERION. Some of the tools available are an owner and goods highlighting feature, a colored flag classification system, a personal comment box, and much, much more. Finally, learn how creating custom reports containing only the information that is important to you and your client is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Installing Screen Capturer

This video explains how to install Screen Capturer in SERION. Screen Capturer allows users to add extra content like PTO information, Web trademark and owner checks and industry sources to their ordered searches, watch results or SAEGIS screening results.


Watch on SERION – Portfolio Administration

Learn how you can administer your watch portfolio online. Use Watch on SERION to update or cancel your trademark watches and add extra information like goods and services and general comments to your watched trademarks.


Watch on SERION – Online Watching

Process your daily watch results in Watch on SERION. Assign statuses and comments to reported trademarks. Request goods translations and local publication information for reported trademarks. Report results to clients or customers by e-mail.


USPTO Section 2(d) Refusal Watch

Introducing our latest watch product, USPTO Section 2(d) Refusal Watch. The USPTO Section 2(d) Refusal Watch identifies confusingly-similar marks vetted by a USPTO Examining Attorney during the application process. Identifying USPTO 2(d) refusals gives you a competitive edge because this information is not commercially available. Early notification of registration attempts gives you the opportunity to take steps to minimize risk and increase your peace of mind, putting you one step ahead of the competition.

NOTE: 2(d) Refusal Database licensed with permission from Towergate Informatics.


Watch Opposition Dashboard

This tutorial will show you how to use our newly-released Watch Opposition Dashboard and Calendar within Watch on SERION.