Want to assess a trademark’s viability in specific global markets before you invest in a full search? Need to check the status of a mark or update your intelligence on a competitor’s brand? Do all this more quickly and cost-effectively, with SAEGIS on SERION.

Trademark Custom SolutionsTrademark Custom Solutions

We offer customized research solutions to deliver on the most challenging and unique brand projects, domestic or global.

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Trademark Data ValidationTrademark Data Validation

Ensure your brand portfolio reflects reality so you can act decisively in times of change, avoid unexpected costs, and map out trademark strategies with confidence.

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U.S. Trademark File MonitorU.S. Trademark File Monitor

Conduct your own identical screening search for your trademark in more than 200 countries and registers worldwide, quickly and cost-effectively. A Thomson CompuMark exclusive.

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U.S. Trademark Portfolio (Ownership) SearchU.S. Trademark Portfolio (Ownership) Search

Locates all USPTO and State trademarks owned by a specific company or individual.

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