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The Trademark Ecosystem

Insights from Intellectual Property Professionals around the World

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In line with the overall growth in the trademark industry, the research shows an increase in the number of trademark filings by the surveyed businesses. 43% of respondents said they filed more marks in 2016 than they had done in 2015
The Trademark Ecosystem

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It is easier today than ever before for organizations large and small to compete and conduct business around the world. Cloud-based plug-and play technology, growing online commercial channels, and increasingly sophisticated business strategies have all leveled the playing field. This is especially true for smaller brands and start-ups that no longer face the traditional barriers to compete on a global level. And this has had a corresponding impact on branding and the trademark space; competition for unique brands on a global level is no longer limited to large, multinational corporations. With businesses and individual proprietors worldwide competing over the same finite space, the ability to build and defend trademarks that are powerful, meaningful and have universal relevance is harder than ever before.

The global trademark landscape is expanding and evolving like never before. New technologies. New channels. New business models. New markets.

Here’s a snapshot of the trademark ecosystem, based on independent research and surveys.

43% filed more marks in 2016 than 2015
70% said Brexit affecting their trademark strategy
74% experienced infringement in the last year
26% launched new, secondary or seasonal brands without clearing them