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TM go365™

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Instant, Reliable Trademark Insight

Why take chances by clearing brands using web searches or low cost, inaccurate online tools? We have a better solution: TM go365™. It’s the ultimate self-service clearance solution that gives you the power to search word and image trademarks instantly and globally, without compromising quality. So you can minimize brand risk while keeping pace with the digital economy.

A Revolutionary Choice

TM go365™ combines CompuMark’s deep trademark search expertise with advanced machine learning and advanced image recognition technology to deliver results you can count on to make critical brand decisions, quickly and cost-effectively.

Immediate Results

Immediate Results
Use the power of our self-service trademark clearance solution to get trusted results in minutes, whenever you want. Identify potential conflicts quickly and cost effectively.

Customized Global Coverage

Customized Global Coverage
No other online solution offers comparable global coverage, with the flexibility to select only the jurisdictions that matter to you. Our content is quality-checked to ensure you have accurate data to make informed decisions.

Reliable Content

Decision Support Tools
Patent-pending decision support tools let you pinpoint the most important word trademarks findings quickly, without losing sight of the big picture. Comprehensive common law data sources reduce your risk of missing critical results.

Reporting Made Easy

Image Recognition Software
TM go365™ matches image for image, using sophisticated recognition technology to zero in on the most similar results instantly. Focus on specific image elements or the entire logo. It even ranks results to speed your review.

Reporting Made Easy

Powered by Expertise
Advanced expert systems and machine-learning technology, powered by our deep trademark expertise, delivers only the results you need to review. Receive intelligence you can rely on without having to wade through a large volume of less relevant results—a common scenario with online solutions from other vendors. Create and share actionable search reports in seconds.

Affordable Quality

Affordable Quality
With TM go365™, you don’t have to compromise on quality to get reliable clearance results. Avoid the risk of not clearing your secondary and seasonal brands because you don’t have the budget for a Full Search.

Affordable Quality

Robust Common Law Coverage
Our Common Law database has more than 2 million records of word trademarks, including the Mintel Global New Products Database and industry-leading Web Common Law. Only CompuMark searches two leading search engines, with links to relevant web pages for instant follow-up. More common law coverage means less chance of missing relevant findings.

Responsive Support

Responsive Support
Self-service doesn’t mean you’re on your own. The industry’s best customer service team is always just a phone call or email away—24 hours a day, five days a week.

A Flexible Choice

A Flexible Choice
TM go365™ complements our expert-assisted Full Search solution—the gold standard in trademark clearance. Together, they give you the flexibility to select the right trademark clearance solution for each brand and budget.

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