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Assess the viability of your proposed pharmaceutical brands with “knockout” searches early in the process. Saving you time and money. Available worldwide, regional or for key markets around the world.

Worldwide Identical Screening Search Plus (WISS Plus) for Pharma

Screen your pharma trademark in more than 200 countries to pinpoint identical marks.

Regional Identical Screening Search Plus for Pharma (RISS Plus)

Screen your pharmaceutical trademark in the region of your choice. Search for identical trademarks across trademark records published for the first time since 1976.

Country Identical Screening Search Plus for Pharmaceutical (KISS Plus)

Screen your pharmaceutical trademark in the country of your choice. Choose from more than 200 registers worldwide.

Pharmaceutical Multi-Country Screening Search

Screen proposed pharma trademarks for use outside the U.S. to help identify identical, phonetically identical and closely similar trademarks in more than 70 select international registers.


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