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Product Overview

TM go365™ is our newest approach to clearing trademarks. This cloud-based, self-service clearance solution gives users the power to search word and image marks in seconds. It’s an entirely new choice in trademark research filling the gap between low-quality Internet searches and CompuMark’s “gold standard” Full Availability Search performed by our analysts. There’s nothing else like it.

Product Features

Mitigate Risk in Seconds
Get trusted trademark insight in just seconds, around the clock. Reduce your risk of infringement for marks you would not typically consider for a Full Availability Search.

Quality Content, Broad Coverage
Robust coverage includes trademark registers, common law and web sources, and image sources. Quality checked databases let you make decisions with confidence.

Advanced Search Technology
Sophisticated search algorithms analyze both narrow and complex variations to help ensure you don’t miss critical findings. Pinpoint relevant results quickly with advanced decision support tools.

Affordable Pricing
Clear brands that previously did not fit within your budget. Why take chances with free search tools when you can afford the industry’s most trusted trademark intelligence?


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