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Product Overview

For Word and Image Marks

TM go365 combines advanced trademark search technology—including sophisticated machine learning and image recognition technologies—with the industry’s most trusted content to deliver the right results, right now.

TM go365 is the only trademark research solution for both word and image marks that offers the speed, convenience and simplicity of online self-service together with clearance-grade results.

Product Features

Revolutionary Image Search

With TM go365, searching image trademarks is as easy as drag, drop and go. Advanced image recognition technology identifies confusingly similar marks without complex codes, keywords or queries. Our image content is indexed and cross-referenced to identify relevant results others might miss.

More Reliable Word Search Results

TM go365 delivers the hits that others miss. In head-to-head tests, TM go365 delivered more relevant word marks than leading competitive self-service search solutions. Result ranking was also more accurate. The result: Less risk of missing critical marks—reducing your risk of a costly conflict.

Uncommon Common Law

Unlike competing self-service search solutions, TM go365 provides common law coverage, including key industry-specific sources, in addition to trademark registration data—reducing your risk of missing important findings. Our error-corrected content spans a wide range of sources, including:

  • 74 Trademark databases + several international packs
  • 70+ Pharma In-Use databases
  • Industry-leading Common Law data set
  • Web Common Law databases
  • Industrial Content databases
  • Domain Names (ccTLDs, legacy and new gTLDs)

Self-Service on Steroids

Nothing else offers this combination of speed, power and ease of use. TM go365 is the industry’s fastest clearance search. Interactive tools let you shape your search and refine results in real time. Intuitive visualization tools let you zero in quickly on the marks that matter.

Power Made Simple

Despite its sophistication, TM go365 is incredibly easy to use, with powerful decision support tools that help you make confident decisions quickly and efficiently. Easily iterate searches to get the most relevant results quickly.


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