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Product Overview

Determine the availability of your design trademark or logo in the U.S. We search your design, trademark or logo against visually similar marks in our database of USPTO design mark applications and registrations. Our proprietary, enhanced design coding enables our analysts to deliver more precise, accurate and relevant image results.

Product Features

Our U.S. Design Search provides the comprehensive information you need to:

  • Avoid Infringement of existing trademarks/logos
  • Support trademark litigation by identifying design marks that advance your client’s position
  • Assess whether your mark is clear for use and/or registration
  • Assess the strength of a design mark for acquisition or licensing purposes

Using our own proprietary database of U.S. Federal (USPTO) design trademark applications and registrations, we cite identical and closely similar design trademarks, in the goods and services classes you specify

We go beyond the USPTO coding process and add supplemental design code categories to identify the most relevant results. Our designs database is updated daily for the most-up-to-date results. Our experienced analysts review your search results to select the most relevant citations, saving you time.


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