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Expand your U.S. Full Search with U.S. Alcoholic Beverage Label Search coverage to determine availability of a mark that will be used or registered in the U.S. We search product labels of alcoholic products filed at the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Taxation Agency (formerly the BATF) to identify potentially conflicting names. An image of the label is included with this search.
Expand your U.S. Full Search with Acronym coverage to determine availability of a mark that will be used or registered in the U.S. We search both the acronym and the full, spelled-out name, giving you the information needed to make decisions about your proposed brand with confidence.
Extensive, unrelated class coverage spanning three or more sets of unrelated goods or services to give you greater decision-making insight.
Launching a new company name? Expand your Full Search with company name coverage to determine availability of your proposed company name in the US. Our US Company Name Search adds business name and corporate name coverage from all 50 states plus Washington D.C., so you make an informed assessment.
Determine the availability of a non-English term for trademark use or registration in the U.S.
Identify number of instances of your term or mark in the U.S. marketplace. Target your search for a specific set of goods and services or search across all goods and services.

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Product Overview

Get the comprehensive information you need to assess the availability of your proposed trademark for use and registration in the U.S. We search for identical trademarks, plus variant spellings, phonetic equivalents, and similar marks from USPTO and State records, as well as Common Law, Web Common Law, and Domain Name sources. Our U.S. Full Search is a critical step in trademark risk management.

Product Features

Our comprehensive U.S. Full Search is the industry standard, providing you with the information needed to confidently form an opinion about a mark that will be used or registered in the United States.Our standard U.S. Full Search includes coverage of identical marks in all classes, plus confusingly similar marks in classes relevant to your product or service.

Unmatched Quality

To ensure you receive the most accurate, relevant search results, our Quality Teams:

  • Review search strategies and hit selection to ensure quality results.
  • Check every single USPTO record for accuracy before it is entered in our database, correcting thousands of records every month.
  • These extraordinary steps ensure you receive the most relevant results, helping reduce the risk of a costly trademark conflict.

Unmatched Common Law Coverage

  • We continuously evaluate common law sources to ensure breadth and depth of coverage.
  • Maintaining our own proprietary common law database enables us to perform advanced, custom querying to capture the most relevant findingsÊincluding those that otherwise could be missed.
  • Broadest web coverage. Our exclusive coverage of the top 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo! and Bing – reduces the risk of overlooking important findings.
  • Proprietary web search techniques. Our unique approach to trademark searching on the web, combined with our dedicated team of specially trained experts, captures the most relevant findings, minimizing extraneous results.
  • Exclusive Web Search Extensions. Easily expand your web coverage within specific industries with Web Search Extensions, delving deep into trademark-rich industry sources.
  • Domain Name coverage. We provide coverage of country code domain names (ccTLDs) and generic top-level domains (gTLDs) for the most commonly used extensions from ICANN-accredited registrars, including .com, .biz, .edu, .info, .mobi, .org, .xxx, and 10 others.

Need additional coverage beyond the scope of a US Full Search, or greater search focus? We have a variety of options that can be added to a standard search to meet your needs.

Interested in searching for the pharmaceutical industry?  Learn more about our Pharmaceutical Search products.


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