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Global trademark research at its best. Make the most informed trademark decisions thanks to a complete array of full searches for any country or region in the world. Including trademark, design, owner, company name and in-use searches.

International Full Search

Determine the availability of your proposed trademark for use and registration in specific countries worldwide. Our International Full Searches pinpoint identical trademarks, variant spellings, phonetic equivalents and similar marks in more than 200 countries and registers. Choose individual countries/registers to search, or select a regional package to meet your needs.

TM go365™

TM go365™ is our newest approach to clearing trademarks. This cloud-based, self-service clearance solution gives users the power to search word and image marks in seconds.

Full Search with Opinion

Get the comprehensive information and opinion you need to assess the availability of your proposed trademark for global use and registration.  We search for identical trademarks, plus variant spellings, phonetic equivalents, and similar marks in the jurisdictions you select.   Full Search with Opinion is a critical step in trademark risk management. Choose individual countries/registers to search, or select a regional package to meet your needs.

Design Web Search Europe

The web is a major source of trademark designs—and potential conflicts. Design Web Search Europe complements your Design Search, scouring web properties in targeted European countries to identify design marks that may conflict with your brand. We provide an additional layer of focused investigation, helping you spot conflicts early and gain valuable insight into design mark usage on the web.

International Design Mark Searches

Determine the availability of your design or logo in specific countries. We search your design or logo against visually similar marks in almost any country in the world.

International Company Name Search

Pinpoint identical or phonetically identical company names that may constitute a barrier to the use and/or registration of your proposed company name or trademark.

International Owner Search

Verify the trademark portfolio of a competitor or potential acquisition candidate in specific countries of your choice. We provide valuable trademark information useful for mergers, acquisitions and other business-critical activities.

U.K. Web Common Law Search

Access your full search and screening reports online anytime, anywhere.

Status Reports

Find out the the current status of a trademark based on registration number, including a copy of the trademark(s) as published.


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