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Product Overview

Need to determine the availability of your pharmaceutical mark in the U.S.? Our U.S. Full Pharmaceutical Search XC provides the most comprehensive coverage available. This search combines our U.S. Full Pharmaceutical Search with additional, specialized pharmaceutical industry sources for even greater certainty.

Product Features

We combine our industry-leading U.S. Full Search with additional specialized pharmaceutical industry resources.

Sources include:

  • IMS Health Pharmaceutical In-Use
  • WHO and USAN stems
  • American Drug Index
  • RDB MedKnowledge
  • USP Dictionary of USAN and International Drug Names

Additionally, our U.S. Full Pharmaceutical Search XC includes:

  • Drugs@FDA
  • Thomson Reuters Micromedex, covering international and FDA-approved drugs (exclusive)
  • National Drug Code Directory
  • The Natural Medicines Database
  • FDA Orange Book
  • FDA Redbook

The Pharmaceutical XC Search also offers an authentic FDA POCA (Phonetic Orthographic Computer Analysis). POCA is designed to help clients identify potential rejections by pharmaceutical regulatory agencies. Additionally, you can gain even greater insight by using the drill down feature in the Analysis Tool on SERION for leading pharmaceutical sources.


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