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Product Overview

When developing new brands, you can’t afford to ignore the web. Web Search Europe complements your Full Search, scouring web properties in targeted European countries to identify potential conflicts. With the web expanding as a source of trademarks, we provide an additional layer of focused investigation, helping you spot conflicts early and gain valuable insight into trademark usage on the web.

Product Features

You need targeted web results—not an endless hit list. Web Search Europe lets you focus your search on the country or countries that matter to you. Together with our expert search strategies, this ensures you receive the results that matter most, saving you time.

Web Search Europe gives you the online brand insight you need with:

  • Thorough searching of identicals, near identicals, reversals, and mid-word replacements
  • Targeted coverage of web properties in key European countries and registers
  • Expert Search Analysts performing web searches in their own language
  • Clear, concise reports delivered to your SERION inbox—tap the power of the Analysis Tool to streamline your review

Choose the country or countries to meet your needs:

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Benelux 


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