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Safeguard your valuable brand from potential infringement with expert international trademark watching products.

Worldwide Watch

Safeguard your valuable brand from potential infringement with expert, international trademark watching for both word and design marks. Timely reports give you the information you need to act quickly against marks that might be confusingly similar to yours.

International Business Name Watch

Protect your business name and trademarks from potential infringement with monthly reports on business names in use across 212 countries. This is a great complement to our Worldwide Watch.

Design Watch

Conduct your own identical screening search for your trademark in more than 200 countries and registers worldwide, quickly and cost-effectively. A CompuMark exclusive.

Non Latin Character Watch

Monitor and protect your Chinese character brands in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Local experts consider language and case law to watch your trademarks for potential infringements in these countries.

International Class Watch

Protect your brand and stay one step ahead of the market by getting insight into global trademark activity within a single class.

Worldwide Color Watch

Protect your color mark against potential infringement. We report all word and design images corresponding to the color or color combination (maximum 3 colors) watched in 186 countries.

Worldwide Ownership Watch

Closely monitor the worldwide trademark activities of your key competitors or track the publication of your own marks worldwide.

Community Design Watch

Use our Community Design Watch products to protect your industrial design or logo from potential infringements. We offer multiple Community Design Watches, continue on for more information.

Canada Status Monitor

Monitor your Canadian trademark application and be alerted as it reaches each milestone in the registration process.


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