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Manage your watch results and collaborate with your global network with greater efficiency and control:
You can use SERION to share specific hits and all future hits of a specific jurisdiction or trademark watched with key contacts inside and outside your office – while cutting back on e-mail traffic.
Lower your risk by getting additional comments and annotations from key stakeholders and fellow experts. All watch results and annotations are displayed in a standard format for instant insight and prompt action.

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Feb 14

Watch on SERION Madrid

February 14 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm CET
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Watch on SERION Amsterdam

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Product Overview

Trademark watching made easy.  Watch on SERION is our best in class online solution that lets you manage your trademark and applicant watches – from order to analysis – anywhere, anytime, any way you choose.  It works the way you work, integrating with your workflow to save you time and effort.

Product Features

We are now pleased to offer two levels to review your watch results:  Watch on SERION, and Watch on SERION Advanced.  Watch on SERION Advanced includes the functionality of Watch on SERION and new features such as viewing watch results on your mobile device, accessing historical information, selecting goods & services for export, and Owner and Goods highlighting.  It also includes drill down tools like owner and trademark web checks, industry specific sources, SAEGIS search, PTO sites, and more ways to export your records into custom formats.

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